[Python] Checkio Solution 解答 – Right to Left




One of the robots is charged with a simple task: to join a sequence of strings into one sentence to produce instructions on how to get around the ship. But this robot is left-handed and has a tendency to joke around and confuse its right-handed friends.

You are given a sequence of strings. You should join these strings into chunk of text where the initial strings are separated by commas. As a joke on the right handed robots, you should replace all cases of the words “right” with the word “left”, even if it’s a part of another word. All strings are given in lowercase.

Input: A sequence of strings as a tuple of strings (unicode).

Output: The text as a string.

0 < len(phrases) < 42


Source: https://py.checkio.org

My Solution:


Basically the two main methods for this problem are .join() and .replace().